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Special characters

The CSS editor allows you to use CSS features without having to learn programming skills. It provides you with a wide range of design tools for tables, paragraphs and images. The application makes it easy to define colours, font properties, border, background, etc. and preview them.



The top part of the CSS editor window shows a class drop down list, where you can select classes previously created by you. The field HTML tag shows the respective tags, for example P – TD – TR – TABLE. The tabs refer to the corresponding settings for the object. To assign an option make sure that the desired option tag is active.

The bottom part of the editor window shows a preview of the setting and the selection of element types available. Select the appropriate element type to optimise the preview Display.

CSS example

The following example shows how to use the CSS editor. The intention is to create a text design as seen in the picture below.



Open a new page in the editor and enter your text. High-light the text and press  CSS-Settings. Click the font tab and set a new font type, colour and as style, e. g. ‘italic’. Then go to the background tab, enable the background image option and select a background image using the image manager. Now click on the border tab, activate the border option and set a border colour. The input field lets you define the border widnoth in pixels, e.g. four pixels. On the right-hand side chose the line type, e.g. ‘double’.

A review is available to check out your changes so far. Now go to the widnoth/height tab to change the widnoth and height of your text, e.g. 300px widnoth and 200px height. Finally you define an offset between text and border, here this is 20, 40, 40 and 20 pixel.

Confirm the settings by clicking on Apply and double-check the result.


For further information about the CSS editor and the creation of classes, please refer to the chapter CSS editor and layout

Special characters

The editor allows you to insert some useful Special characters, which will be conform to HTML.