CMS Software

The bluetronixTM software is a hosted content management system (CMS). You can use this software if you have subscribed to one of our packages.

This software is easy to use and has been developed especially for small business, companies, schools, associations/clubs and private users.




 Easy editing of all pages
 Image and document managment
 Visitor counter, slide show, ticker

 Automatic insert of video, mp3 or zip files

 Templates to create a website, CSS editor

 HTML-Code view for advanced users
 PHP-Code to create dynamic websites
 Import and export to word processing software

Dynamic menu

 Easy to modify dynamic navigation

 Adding new menu item creates the respective html page automatically

 Miscellaneous menu types

 Menu items can be designed individually, see also CSS Editor

User accounts

 Accounts for staff members with own directories

 Image and document directories for each member of staff

 Protected accounts and secure areas

Page management

 Desktop style File management

 Copy and sort files

 Upload and download files

 Password protection for directories

 HTML page editor, Text editor and Image editor

Form system

 Easy set-up of forms, see also Form module

 Internal form management system

 E-mail forwarding system


 Database management, Create a table

 Easy editing of tables and data records

 Import and export via clipboard

 Import and export in .csv or .txt format

 Insert MySQL commands


 Detailed traffic and access statistics

 Number of visits per month, day and hour, used keywords, visited pages and countries of origin
 Single visitor analysis - Where did the visitor come from?

Email and webmailer

 Create E-mail addresses with your domain name

 Send and receive emails (POP3, STMP, IMAP) with MS Outlook and Thunderbird

 Webmailer for an additional free e-mail access

Newsletter system

 Address groups with import and export to MS Outlook

 Subscribing feature, see also unit Newsletter

Shopping cart system

 Shop navigation, search in the shop, category pages, detailed view,

    shopping cart
 Shipping at bulk or per item
 Several payment methods, different item versions

 Preview and detail image with automatic resizing

 Number of items, see also Shopping cart system

News page

 Proper news presentation in chronological order, preview and detailed description

 Integration of documents and images

 News archive, see also module News page


 Database based guestbook with protection against unwanted entries

 Easy modification or deleting of guestbook entries, see also Guestbook


Secured Areas

 Subscription module for protected areas, send e-mail with log-in details automatically

 Log-in page, registration, change of user details

 Forgot-my-password feature, block users, see also Secure areas

Photo album

 Automatic import of image directories

 Easy addition of more images to an album

 Large image and preview with automatic image resizing

 Short description and detailed description, see also Photo album


Discussion forum, community

 Open new threads and reply to posts 

 Show number of posts, hits and latest post

 Message to admin - easy forum management (editing or deleting entries)

 Using the secure area module creates a forum with registration

 Text-search in the forum, see also Forum

The Calendar shows an overview of your appointments. Manage your appointments and meetings here.
Dialog System
Question-Answer-System with user import, password secured catalogue and upload of attachments.

Website search – full-text search

 Search with restriction to designated directories
 Multiple set-up, see also unit Website search

FTP – file transfer to your webspace

 Access configuration, see also unit FTP

 Integrated FTP, no additional software Software necessary

Domain management

 Domain order, Domain transfer request

 Define your main domain, see also Domain management


 Comprehensive help system: User manual




Technical requirements:

 Computer with internet access

 Internet Explorer at least version 5.5 (for website editing only)

 Mac® users need the Windows®-Desktop extension

 Screen resolution at least 800x600 pixel



Your advantages:

 Be always up to date - Quick modifications of your web content are possible

 Freedom of access - You can use every computer with web access wherever you are

 Freedom for your ideas - You may change design, layout and content at any time

 Reliability - In case of any problems, give our support team a call

 Quick start -  There is no software installation necessary on your hard disk

 Teamwork - Save time while sharing your work



Web package includes:

 Domain name of your choice with e-mail addresses

 Licence to use the bluetronix™ CMS software

 Webspace, e-mail accounts, ftp access and support according to your web package



Information about the server:

 Operating system SuSE Linux 9.1

 Automatic backups

 99% availability



And this is how you get your product:

Immediately after you have ordered your web package you get your log-in details. You don't even need an email address.


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