User manual to create a website

This user manual describes all CMS software features comprehensively. The set-up of CMS modules like shopping cart system, photo album, guestbook, newsletter etc. will be explained in detail with many screenshots.

It is advisable to start with the unit "Quick start". The main features of bluetronix will be introduced there.




What is bluetronix software?

What is a CMS?

What is a online-software?

Advantages of online-software

System requirements

Security advice  


Edit mode – log in to the CMS

Main menu

Edit buttons

Editing a site

Editing a data record

Editing the menu – changing the navigation bar

Changing the layout – using a layout template

Displaced display - screen resolution

Website editor 

Basic features

Text design

Text alignment

Web related functions

Creating links

External links – links to other websites 

Handling images – uploading images

Image menu bar

Image editor

Image editing example 

Handling documents – uploading documents

Uploading a PDF file

Uploading a ZIP file 

Tables – table menu bar

Inserting tables

Invisible tables and transparent tables 


Inserting a drop down box

Inserting a text field

Submit button

Form options

Testing a form 

Modules and plugins

Inserting a ticker

Inserting the date – 30/06/2008 format

Inseringt the date – 30 June 2008 format

Displaying the current time

Inserting a slide show

Inserting a mouse-over image

Small size and full size image view

CSS editor – stylesheets

CSS example 

Special characters 

HTML code view

Code view example 

Site settings

Site title

Background and layout

Keywords, author - search engine settings

Avoiding search engine entry of certain sites 

Editing PHP code in the text editor 

Templates for site structure

Customising templates with the CSS editor (advanced) 

Open object offset 

Dyanmic menus – drop down menus

Menu types

Menu editor 

Site management (file management)

Text editor

User system

Changing the admin password

Members of staff management

Blocking an account

Unblocking an account

Assigning a new user password

Registered users and groups

Sites/directories with password protection – secure areas

Website layout

bluetronix software layout conception

Editing the layout – layout and areas

Layout area settings – background settings

Editing stylesheets – CSS classes

Individual fonts

Style assistant – master colours and images

Design templates  

Questions about the bluetronix software layout conception

How do I create a site without frames and without changing the menu or navigation bar for every single page?

Why is a site without frames better?

How can I have scrollable frame-like areas at my page without using actual frames? 

CMS modules

Basics about modules – dynamic sites

Element 1 – site template

Element 2 – PHP script

Element 3 – database

Multiple installation of modules

Combining different modules 

Photo album

Import of pictures – automatic size adjustment

Setting up the CMS photo album module

Simple insert and change of images in the photo album

Photo album with self-made layout 

Shopping-cart system – online shop

Features of the shopping-cart system

Setting up the CMS shopping-cart module

Adding and changing items

Import and export of items at CSV or TXT format

Updating the shop menu (automatic)

Updating the shop menu (manual)

Shop database, columns and properties

Links at shop sites

Editing the shop templates

Shopping-cart system – advanced users: PHP, HTML and Java script

Shopping-cart system – payment systems

Shopping-cart system – recieving orders – forwarding to a mobile phone

Shopping-cart system – access statistics – optimisation

Shopping-cart system with secure area 

News page

Setting up the CMS news page module

Adding and changing news 

Form system

Setting up the CMS form module

Creating and changing forms

Forms – customising the layout

Forms – forwarding to a mobile phone 

Secure areas

Setting up the CMS secure area module

Editing the login page – customising the layout 


Setting up the CMS secure area module

Changing and deleting data from the guestbook

Editing the guestbook sites – customising the layout 


Setting up the CMS forum module

Changing and deleting data from the forum

Editing the forum sites – customising the layout 

Website search – full-text search

Setting up the CMS forum module

Editing the search sites – customising the layout 

Newsletter module

Setting up the CMS newsletter module

Editing the newsletter sites – customising the layout 


Datenbase management

Table view

Editing fields

Deleting row content, deleting column content

Copying row content, copying column content

Adding, deleting and editing columns

Editing datasets

Dataset view

Import and export through clipboard

Importing a database

Step 1 – Save file as CSV in Excel

Step 2 - Import file into database management system

Exporting a database

MySQL commands 

Statistics – access analysis

Traffic, number of visits

Single visitor analysis

Where did a visitor found my homepage? What are the keywords he entered at the search engine?

Space management 


Changing personal details

Current account

Upgrading your subscription 

Domain management

Registering a domain

Changing your ISP

Domain status display

What is a main domain?

Changing your main domain 


E-mail adress management

Creating a new e-mail address

Changing the password

E-mail forwarding

E-mail details for POP3, STMP and IMAP

Reading and writing e-mails with the webmailer

Reading e-mails

Writing e-mails 

Setting up MS-Outlook

Getting your e-mail address details

Setting up MS-Outlook 

Setting up Thunderbird

Getting your e-mail address details

Setting up Thunderbird 

Setting up a spam filter 

E-mail problem solving chart  


Sending Newsletter

Newsletter – Address management

Newsletter – Importing the address book from Outlook

Step 1 – Export the address book in Outlook

Step 2 – Format the columns in Excel

Step 3 – Import the address book into the newsletter system  

FTP directory

Your FTP directory

FTP access management – FTP password

Setting up an external FTP programme 


Reseller subscription

Homepage transfer and ISP change  

 Importing an existing homepage

Copying the HTML pages from local disc drive

Uploading the HTML pages via FTP

Copying the file style.css

Importing the files in the CMS 

Converting frame-based sites

The whole purpose

Determing the number of pages and the frame size

Rename the main file to index.html